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Solitary Confinement Cell Experience

  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church 31 South Duke Street Lancaster, PA, 17602 United States (map)
Gedion's Isolation Cell PosterTLC (2017_03_27 22_40_08 UTC).jpg

Solitary confinement is the practice of isolating a prisoner in a closed cell for 22 to 24 hours a day – often for weeks or months, and sometimes for years or decades at a time.  At Trinity Lutheran, members will have the opportunity to see and experience a solitary confinement cell.  Lancaster Friends Meeting (Quakers) built a replica of an isolation/confinement cell or Special Housing Unit AKA "SHU".  In addition to replicating its isolating physical dimensions, this display includes the noises - endless shattering day and night noises - of a solitary confinement prison cell.  Adults are invited to briefly enter this 6’ x 8' solitary cell and experience the exposure to an environment devoid of dignity and meaningful human interaction.

**Persons with anxiety conditions should carefully consider whether participation is appropriate. **