Environmental Concerns

The Environmental Concerns Committee provides information to the Meeting via forums and newsletters about environmental issues and encourages sustainable living.

We support an Earth restored including: 1) action on global climate disruption and energy policy, 2) caring for the Earth, 3) sustainable population growth and consumption, and 4) environmental restoration and regeneration.

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quaker position on the environment

The LMM endorses the four Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) environmental priorities: 

  • Global Climate Disruption and Energy Policy

  • Caring for the Earth

  • Population and Consumption

  • Environmental Restoration and Regeneration

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ECC ENERGY Activities and Issues

  • Installed Solar Panels at Meeting (2013)

  • Switched to 100% renewable electricity sources for the Meetinghouse

  • Encourages use of renewable electricity sources for member/attender homes.

  • Prepares/distributes annually a listing of renewable electricity sources for homes

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Environmental education and action

Recent Forums include:

  • Quaker Panel on the Impact of Fracking in north central PA

  • Paris Climate Change Conference

  • NOAA and Climate Change

  • Your Health and Climate Change

  • State of the Air Report for Lancaster County

  • Eco Justice

  • Recycling in Lancaster County


Additional Activities

  • First Day School (Sunday School): Leads children's and adult sessions on environmental themes

  • Continues to lobby on fracking and gas pipelines

  • Advocates for regional clean water issues - Chesapeake Bay water quality and Lancaster County rivers and streams

  • Stays current on the Three Mile Island shutdown and nuclear waste storage

  • Prepares a list of ‘Environmental Actions for Quaker Households ‘ ( LED bulbs in the home, composting, home energy audits, healthy diets, recycling, and sourcing healthy foods )


This is just a sampling of ECC activities.

If any of these issues are of interest to you, please join us !