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Making Space for Your Gifts In the Meeting

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When our abilities are enthused with Divine energy and seem to accomplish works beyond our strength, we call our abilities "spiritual gifts." These seem to flow out of us and bring life to others and to the group. We ALL have gifts!

Identifying our gifts and the gifts of others, learning how to share them--even in our stumbling way--is the focus of our Saturday workshop on March 3.  

Our facilitator is Thomas Swain, who has travelled in ministry among British and American Friends for the last 12 years  teaching about Spirit-given gifts.

We will begin at 9:a.m. with refreshments and worship.  We will close at 3 p.m. Please bring a bag lunch.

On Sunday, March 4, Thomas will address Corinthians 12 during Adult First Day School (9-9:50 a.m.).  Then, he will present a Forum: "How the Shakers Influenced My Call to Ministry in Spiritual Gifts."

Please join us!

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FORUM: State of the Air Report

Do you wonder why there is so much asthma in the Lancaster County region and why the Lancaster region has such a poor air quality ranking?  Kevin Stewart, Director of Environmental Health, American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic will present a Forum on “the American Lung Association State of the Air Report” and will give an update on air quality issues for the Lancaster City/Harrisburg region. 

Kevin will give a 30 minute presentation and will then respond to questions on regional, state, and national air quality issues.

The presentation is sponsored by the Environmental Concerns Committee.

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9:45 AM09:45

Solitary Confinement Cell Experience

Gedion's Isolation Cell PosterTLC (2017_03_27 22_40_08 UTC).jpg

Solitary confinement is the practice of isolating a prisoner in a closed cell for 22 to 24 hours a day – often for weeks or months, and sometimes for years or decades at a time.  At Trinity Lutheran, members will have the opportunity to see and experience a solitary confinement cell.  Lancaster Friends Meeting (Quakers) built a replica of an isolation/confinement cell or Special Housing Unit AKA "SHU".  In addition to replicating its isolating physical dimensions, this display includes the noises - endless shattering day and night noises - of a solitary confinement prison cell.  Adults are invited to briefly enter this 6’ x 8' solitary cell and experience the exposure to an environment devoid of dignity and meaningful human interaction.

**Persons with anxiety conditions should carefully consider whether participation is appropriate. **

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Camp Foxtales

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You are invited to come together with children ages 5 to 12 at the Lancaster Friends Meeting and spend five days learning about community building, nature exploration, Quaker ideas, service work, games, crafts and much, much more.  We will take at least two "field trips," including the Lancaster County Park (which will involve swimming).  The theme of this year's camp is the Testimony of Community.

Email for questions or registration information.

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